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Lauren Jones has over five years experience as a writer and editor who specializes in architecture and home interiors. She has contributed content to MyDomaine since FebruaryHer designs carry a crisp and clean California design with contrasting textures, and she calls her style contemporary eclectic. In her own home, she often plants ficus , citrus, and lemon trees that attract birds and butterflies, along with African blue basil and Sansevieria, an easy-to-manage low-water species native to Madagascar and Southern Asia. Meet the Expert.

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If you have contemplated adding indoor landscaping in your offices, factories, school, hospital or malls as solely as a decoration, you might be surprised to know how much the landscaping can promote a healthier life and even save up your money. Indoor landscaping can also provide a pleasant and peaceful environment in work productivity or to relax. The psychological impact of landscaping in the office environment is beneficial.

By adding indoor landscaping to your building is something that everyone should want to do for these benefits:. Places like the malls, offices, museums, hospitals, restaurants, etc can be annoyed with unpleasant sounds made by the people, escalators, lifts, moving objects, etc.

Most people find it disturbing especially people who are sensitive to noise. Landscaping has long been used to decrease noise from busy roads and recent research has shown that indoor landscaping can help to reduce background noise levels inside buildings, too. Although some shopping trends beliefs that loud noises and energetic environment target for young people may improve shoppers experience but the fact is, all shoppers desire to have a peaceful and calm environment when spending their money.

Plant such as vines on walls and lawns or ground cover planting helps to deflect noises. Plants and their leaves absorb and reflect background noise, thereby producing a more comfortable environment for the occupants.

Indoor landscaping has many recognized advantages to their environments and the people in them. Noise reduction is one of those less-known benefits of landscaping. There are several ways landscaping can reduce noise and we at Atalian are always ready to bring peace and tranquillity to your business with the best solution.

It is widely known through the respected research done by Dr Roger S. The indoor plant scent can help employees become more productive and more alert. Some indoor landscaping is able to remove toxins in the air and prevent the bacteria and mould growths. The plants can improve indoor air quality as it removes benzene and air pollutant. It also prevents people from developing allergies and relies on allergy medication. This indoor landscaping is an affordable solution in any building and planting bigger landscaping consists of more leaves helps to purify the air.

A substantial body of academic research has shown conclusively that indoor landscaping has dramatic effects on the wellbeing of building occupants. People in the offices are more productive, take fewer sick leaves, make fewer mistakes, and they are happier because indoor landscaping improves their environment.

In the end, the function of any good landscape is to reinforce the good feelings you want to project about your workplace or building. Atalian Global Services Thailand provides you with experienced and knowledgeable grounds maintenance teams who can create and maintain landscape solutions that are tailored to suit your needs. The air inside the buildings can be heavily polluted with mould, chemicals, and carbon dioxide. Indoor landscaping can help tackle poor air quality, excessive background noise and inadequate control of light and humidity by reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reducing airborne dust levels and keeping air temperatures down.

The plants release moisture into the air through the process of transpiration which is when moisture evaporates from the leaves.In addition, indoor landscaping creates humidity in air natural by releasing water and oxygen vapour. Good indoor landscaping not just purifies indoor air, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, beneficial to human body health. The plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to evaporation, release oxygen while some plants can absorb the harmful gas, secretion, and sexual material, kill the bacteria in the air.

Indoor landscaping can also reduce the electric energy cost without running the humidifier. This moisture promotes the cooling effect in the building. Factories, malls, and offices can be crowded with people in such spaces that use high air conditioning usage. It is common that the business faces high electricity bills. Therefore, the indoor landscaping can help to reduce the reliance on air conditioning, which will lower the electricity bill.

Placing the indoor plant at abundant natural lights can reduce lighting electric bills and maintain them. The indoor landscaping garden is able to lower down the temperature and keep premises cool naturally in warm weather.

They can help to reduce heating costs by adding humidity to the room. Atalian Global Services Indonesia provides professional landscaping and ground maintenance services that are tailored to your specific needs and dedicated to beautifying your landscapes for your business.

On this season, we can put a fresh new face on your indoor landscaping gardens that will look inspirational. Do contact us today for a free consultation and more information about our services.

The Benefits of Indoor Landscaping 12 July sahmad. By adding indoor landscaping to your building is something that everyone should want to do for these benefits: decrease noise levels indoors reduce stress increase productivity improve air quality cost savings. Cost Savings Indoor landscaping can also reduce the electric energy cost without running the humidifier.

Interior Plant Program FAQs

And one of those options is to participate in an interior plant program. An interior plant program involves the design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of plants that are part of an interior landscape. These plants can be leased or purchased, and the plant arrangements will be customized to your preference and to the needs of your office environment. The first step is usually a consultation. After the consultation, we will provide you with plant design recommendations.

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Indoor Landscapes

Pacific Plants is an interior landscaping , plant company , located in Los Angeles westside. We bring the outdoors in by providing gorgeous and lush living indoor plants throughout the Los Angeles area. Pacific Plants appreciates all the time and effort it takes to put together every aspect of your office and residential space. We will work with you or your designer to compliment your space with living plants and decorative planters. Service has always been excellent. We have moved a few times and they have done a remarkable job of tailoring the plants around our architectural changes. These are knowledgeable and detail oriented people. They help make our offices a beautiful welcoming environment. They are always willing to help and they come up with creative solutions when we need a fresh look.

Interior Landscaping

JavaScript ser ut til å være deaktivert i nettleseren din. Du må ha JavaScript aktivert i nettleseren din for å bruke funksjonaliteten til dette nettstedet. Total Outdoor Lighting offers professional grade UL approved affordable landscape lighting transformers for indoor and outdoor use. Available in single, dual or multi-tap transformer styles.

Louisa Burwood-Taylor. Michael Rose is a partner at The Mixing Bowl and Better Food Ventures where he brings more than 25 years immersed in new venture creation and innovation as an operating executive and investor across the Internet, mobile, restaurant, and food tech and agtech sectors.

Landscape Designing

In previous articles, we had talked about bringing the outdoors in, but we haven't explored just how to do this yet. The current scenario is very different from what life was like, just a year ago. Our home is our sanctuary from what is happening on the outside and this ties right into what we are going to explore today. Interiorscaping or plantscaping is a design technique that definitely resonates with the recent times. Interiorscaping some may say is landscaping in the indoors, but there is much more to it.


Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this page.For å hjelpe med abstinenssymptomene dine, kan du begynne å jobbe innendørs. En fargerik, langlivet plante du kan introdusere til innendørslandskapet ditt er blomstersyklamenen Cyclamen persicum. Enkeltblomster på slanke stilker i hvit, lys rosa, varm rosa, magenta eller crimson; noen få tofarger; noen med rynkete kronblad kommer frem med dramatisk tilbakefoldede kronblader.

Innendørs landskapsarbeid, også kjent som "planteskaping" eller "interiorscaping," gjør det samme - men inne. I likhet med den store utendørs.

Cyclamen et flott tillegg til innendørs landskap

SlideShare bruker informasjonskapsler for å forbedre funksjonalitet og ytelse, og for å gi deg relevant reklame. Hvis du fortsetter å surfe på nettstedet, godtar du bruken av informasjonskapsler på denne nettsiden. Se vår brukeravtale og personvernerklæring.

Populære typer innendørs landskapsarbeid

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Planter og landskapsdekor er ikke begrenset til uterom. Å bringe litt liv inn i innendørsrom er en fin måte å gjøre det mer innbydende for kunder eller klienter og tilby et temposkifte fra andre kommersielle områder de kan besøke. Å finne riktig interiørlandskap for å forbedre plassen din arkitektonisk kan være en utfordring, men disse brukervennlige ideene vil gjøre det enklere enn noen gang! Se etter en stor potteplante som trekker oppmerksomheten til gjester og besøkende. Denne planten vil bli fokuspunktet for rommet ditt, og skaper mer av en struktur.

Med vår servicegaranti er plantene på kontoret ditt alltid sunne og vakre. I tillegg, med vårt garanterte vedlikehold, vil planter skiftes ut når de ikke ser best ut.

Andrea Vesentini: Indoor America: The Interior Landscape of Postwar Suburbia.

Vår barnehage er full av utendørs landskapsplanter, men noen ganger har kunder bedt om noe å gi i gave eller å bruke til seg selv som de kan dyrke innendørs. Vi har samlet følgende liste fra flere ressurser for å vise hvilke av våre utendørsplanter som kan dyrkes inne og hvilken type pleie de trenger for å lykkes. Urban Tree Farm Nursery Inc. Urban Tree Farm Nursery tilbyr utallige varianter av busker, gress, vinranker, frukt- og prydtrær til både forbrukere og landskapsarkitekter. Vi har garantert barnehagen du leter etter! Pass på og se vår spesifikke anbefalinger-side, hvor du finner en rekke løsninger for plantesituasjoner med spesielle krav. Er det et skyggetre du ser etter?

All den underutnyttede eiendommen på bordplatene, vinduskarmene, benkene, kistene, gulvene, skrivebordene og mer kan bli nyttig innendørs plantevekstplass. Ved å ta med planter innendørs kan du også legge til naturlig skjønnhet til hjemmet ditt. Med litt god planlegging, nøye plantevalg og riktig pleie kan gårdslandskapet ditt strekke seg gjennom kjøkkenet, badet, kontoret, soverommet, kjelleren og utover!

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